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5 top tips to keep your nappies stain free!

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Stain Free Nappies hanging outside in the sun

The topic of stains comes up frequently when talking about cloth nappies. Many worry about how the nappies will look following few uses.

These days, modern washing machines work wonders and they will do the majority of the work with regards to keeping your cloth nappies clean. However, every now and again, some stains do remain. Staining does not mean that the poo has not been properly removed from the cloth nappies. Some foods, such as blueberries, carrots and tomatoes, simply stain. Breastfed baby poo stains are also some of the most stubborn.

So how can I keep my cloth nappies looking bright and white?

#1 The sun is the perfect laundry assistant
It’s free and it’s natural! Line drying your cloth nappies, as opposed to tumble-drying on a cool setting, will not only save you money but, the UV from the sun naturally bleaches any stains left on your nappies. In Malta, we are blessed with a brilliant climate that makes this possible almost all year round.

#2 Hang nappies when still wet
The bleaching effect works best when nappies are still wet, so try and hang them out in the sun as soon as the wash is complete.

#3 Hang the stained side facing the sun
Might sound obvious but we all have those absent-minded moments!

#4 The bleaching effect works even on cloudy days
Even on overcast days in the middle of winter, the UV is able to work its magic. If it’s raining, just place your nappies behind an open window and you will still gain from the bleaching power of UV.

#5 Limit time in direct sunshine
Drying cloth nappies outside is great for a lot of reasons however, try not to leave them out more than necessary. Maltese summers can be really harsh and excess heat can cause damage to the elastics and waterproof layer thus reducing the lifespan of the nappies.

Of course, all of the above applies to stains on clothes as well! If you have a messy toddler to deal with, we’re sure these top tips will come in handy!

Below: Bambino Mio Miosolo - All in One Nappies

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Bambino Mio Miosolo Stain Free

Below: Bambooty Easy One Size - All in One Nappies

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Bambooty Stain Free

Below: Charlie Banana One Size - Pocket Nappies (cover & insert)

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Charlie Banana Pocket Stain Free

Note: Apart from helping you dispose of poo easily, nappy liners can help prevent stains as they retain most of the poo.

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