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All you need to know about swim nappies

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog reusable swim nappy diaperLearning how to swim is so vital, especially when living on a beautiful island surrounded by crystal clear waters like ours! And when you're off swimming you need ace swimwear! We are passing through very uncertain times and we are not yet sure whether we will be able to enjoy this summer in the way we are used to. But whether it’s on the beach, in an inflatable at home or even in the bath, the benefits of water play for little ones are countless. It’s also a great way to help our babies expend some much-needed energy and cool down during hot days!

Why do you need a swim nappy? 

Normal swimwear on its own does not offer protection against number twos and let’s face it – whether you’re in the bath at home, in a pool or in the open sea, it’s always good to be able to contain this! Swim nappies are designed to contain solids so you and your baby can enjoy your swimming session without worrying about embarrassing accidents! Swim nappies are lightweight and will not weigh your baby down by absorbing unnecessary liquid.

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Benefits of reusable swim nappies over disposable 

Where do we even start?

#1 Maximum comfort

First and foremost, your baby will be much more comfortable in a reusable swim nappy rather than a plastic disposable one. Reusable swim nappies are lightweight and have a soft cotton or fleece lining inside allowing your baby to enjoy splashing about comfortably and without restraint.

#2 Cost effective

You will be saving a significant amount of money. Disposable swim nappies cost around €6 per packet of 12. For just €13.99 you can purchase a stylish swim nappy which can be used for the whole season or until your little one grows out of it. Our Charlie Banana swim nappy can also double up as training pants meaning you will get much more value out of it.

#3 Less trash

Instead of throwing away your disposable swim diaper every time your baby soils it, you can just wash it out and reuse it.

#4 No rash or chafing

Disposable swim nappies are designed to get wet just once. Keeping your child in a wet disposable nappy for long periods of time can irritate their skin leading to rash and chafing. Reusable swim nappies will not cause any irritation as they are designed to dry quickly just like regular swimwear.

#5 Space efficient

We all know how many things our little people require. If you are packing your bag to go to the beach (or on holiday once better covid-free times return), you only need to take one reusable swim nappy instead of lots of disposable ones leaving you with more room for other essentials.

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Do swim nappies absorb pee

Swim nappies are not designed to absorb liquid, whether disposable or reusable. Otherwise they will become too heavy and weigh the baby down. Swim nappies will safely contain number twos due to their elastic around the thighs and waist yet allow water and urine to flow through. You can choose to lay a separate insert inside the nappy when your little one is out of the water if you want to contain pee.

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How long will the swim nappy contain poo for?

Swim nappies are designed to give you peace of mind while you’re in the water. Once you notice that your little one has soiled the nappy, simply get them out of the water, dispose of the poo, give it a rinse and store it in a wet bag until you get back home.

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Do swim nappies contain loose poo?

If your little one is wearing a nappy that’s right for their size, then the swim nappy will contain loose stool. Please note that loose poo is very normal in young babies that are milk-fed (especially those being exclusively breastfed). If your baby is older and experiencing diarrhoea it is a good idea to keep them out of a public pool until they are better.

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So which swim nappy should I get?

Reusable swim nappies come in different sizes according to your baby’s age and weight. Check the recommended size for your baby giving particular importance to weight rather than age.

Check out our range here to find a perfect reusable swim nappy for your baby!

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