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Busting those myths!

If you are a cloth nappy user or have told people you are considering switching to cloth nappies, the likelihood is that you have been met with a little or a lot of opposition. Read on so you can be prepared next time you are challenged with some unfounded statements!

 #1 Cloth nappies are expensive

The short and sweet answer is no! A baby will go through around 5000 nappy changes until they are potty trained. The cost of disposable nappies will soon add up and more than overtake the cost of investing in a set of cloth nappies. The initial cost of setting up with cloth nappies can be a little daunting however if the financial aspect is a challenge to you, there is always the option to build your nappy collection slowly. If you’re interested in the financials, click here to understand better how much money you will be saving when you reuse. Moreover, the savings are huge when you use them for a second baby or sell them second hand!

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog busting myths reusable expensive

#2 Cloth nappies are hard work

    Marginally and certainly not as much as you think! Modern cloth nappies do not need soaking, boiling, scrubbing and all that. Just chuck them into the washing machine and the only extra bit of work involved is hanging them to dry! In essence, if you are fine washing your clothes, then you should be able to wash nappies too!

    The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog busting myths reusable hard work

    #3 Cloth nappies are just as bad for the environment

    Hell no! If you Google this subject you will be met with a barrage of arguments, mostly against cloth nappies. Why? Of course, disposable nappy companies are far richer than their counterparts and are aggressively trying to protect their product. 9 gallons (34 litres) of water are needed for the production of every single disposable nappy.
    Yes, washing cloth nappies also requires the use of water and energy but nowhere near the figures required for manufacturing the 5000 disposable nappies needed for 1 child. If you want to reduce your environmental impact further whilst using cloth nappies then here are some pointers:
    • only wash nappies when you have a full load (around 12-15 nappies)
    • hang nappies to dry instead of using a tumble drier
    • use biodegradable, phosphate-free detergents
    • use them on a second child
    • sell them second-hand or give them to someone who needs them

    The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog busting myths reusable environment

    #4 Cloth nappies are bulky

    They are bulkier than disposables however the design of cloth nappies has come a long way. In addition, the bulk does not increase as the nappy gets wet whereas disposable nappies tend to inflate as they get full. Some nappy types and brands offer a slimmer fit than others so if this is important to you make sure you ask!

    The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog busting myths reusable bulky

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