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Carlotta's experience: I loved modern cloth nappies at first sight!

On our blog today, Carlotta shares her personal experience of using cloth nappies for their little girl. Carlotta came across modern cloth nappies when she was still pregnant and she loved them at first sight!

How did you hear about cloth nappies?

To be honest the first time I heard of them was…when I was born! Yes, I did grow up with cloth nappies since disposable ones (especially at the time I was born) were very expensive. The only option for my mum was to use the cloth nappies that were available back then. Years went by until a few months ago I met Brenda and her family at an Eco Market event. This is how I got to know about “modern” cloth nappies – I loved them at first sight!

When did you decide to go for it? 

After consulting with Brenda and reading a lot of blogs with respect to the different types and their use, I decided to order them when I was still pregnant, mostly because I wanted to have them ready for when the baby arrived.

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Why did you give cloth a go?

Both my partner and I are very sensible when it comes to environmental topics and we do prefer to make conscious choices if possible. Moreover, both of us grew up in cloth nappies so for us our personal experience was a plus.

We decided to opt for cloth nappies for different reasons:

# For the environment - as disposable nappies are difficult or, rather, impossible to recycle;

# Sensitivity on the baby’s skin - bamboo, cotton and other fibers are definitely more gentle than disposable materials;

# Cost saving and no-dependence on supermarkets - since with a simple wash you can have them ready to be used again instead of trying to find the right size by age as well as the right brand and running around with packets of nappies;

# Easy-to-use with a growing baby - as they have buttons and adjustable straps that allow you adapt them according to the size and body structure of your baby;

# Easy to handle - both inserts and covers can be washed and tumble dried when needed.

Was your partner/family supportive of your decision?

My partner was definitely supportive for them and both our families were happy to know that old concepts are still on!

What were your main concerns before you started using cloth nappies?

The biggest concern I had was if I would be able to handle them, as I was wondering if I could wash them in time in order to have them ready for the baby to use again. But this concern only lasted for the first week as then I got used to my washing routine and my confidence grew.

What’s your washing routine like?

In the laundry room, we have a dedicated bucket filled with grey water left over from the baby bath (we reuse this water in order to reduce water waste in our household). We soak the used nappies prior washing. This helps the poo to remain soft and therefore it will wash out more easily. Then with a dedicated vegetable brush we remove the excess poo and once I have a good amount of used cloth nappies I put them straight into the washing machine. In the same wash I also put reusable wipes that I use daily. I normally do a load every two days. She is still quite young so I change her every two to three hours during the day. Overnight I use nappies with boosters to avoid having to wake her up to change her nappy.

Do you use them full time?

Yes! And I’m very happy with the nappies! I only used disposables in the first few weeks after our baby was born since the cloth nappies were still a bit too big for her. Apart from that I’ve been using them all the time. When we go out, I just carry some clean nappies with me. I store dirty nappies safely in a wet bag until I get back home.

What is your nappy stash made out of?

I decided to create a bundle with different cloth nappies types in order to have different choices – I do like to experiment. They all work well but some are preferred for night over the others. I have 20 washable nappies of different brands (Bambooty Basics all in two, Bambooty One Size all in two and Charlie Banana pocket nappies). I wash them every two days. I normally do a load in the afternoon/evening, so they dry overnight. Once dry, I assemble them ready to be used again so that when I’m changing the baby I have them handy to be used straight away! Together with the nappies I bought also 20 reusable wipes that are definitely another satisfactory choice I made since we use them daily.

Do you think cloth nappies are reliable?

Definitely! I try to suggest them to anyone I can since it is a good choice both for the baby and for the environment!

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