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Cloth nappies in childcare: 8 tips for success

Parents using cloth nappies know that it’s easy. But what about explaining the process to others? Sometimes caregivers can be a little overwhelmed at the idea of having to use cloth nappies – be that a childcare centre, a babysitter or even grandparents. But that initial fear can be overcome with a little guidance.

Most childcare centres in Malta are more than happy to use cloth nappies. They will probably even be thankful that you are reducing their daily garbage haul!

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Here’s a list of 8 tips to keep in mind when explaining cloth nappies to caregivers.

#1 Demonstrate how to use cloth nappies

If the childcare centre has not had experience with cloth nappies previously then simply take a few minutes to explain what needs to be done. Demonstrate to the caregiver how to put on a cloth nappy either in person or, if this is not allowed due to covid-19 restrictions, send a short video or a few explanatory photos. Try and remember the questions you had when you first started using cloth nappies in order to ensure you address the most common concerns and questions that they might have.

#2 Tell them you’ll do any extra work involved

With so many children to take care of, childcare centres need processes that are quick and easy. Simply provide them with a wet bag for dirty nappies and let them know that they can simply pop the dirty nappies in there – even the poopy ones! Some might be willing to dispose of dirty liners. Respect what your chosen childcare centre is willing to do and provide them with the necessary accessories for a smooth process.

#3 Send your easiest and most reliable cloth nappies

You are bound to have a much more positive experience if you provide the childcare with the simplest nappies that you have. All-in-ones are know for being as easy and straightforward as using disposables. If your stash consists of pocket nappies, make sure you pre-stuff these ready for use. Stick to the same type and brand of nappies if you can in order to avoid confusion.

#4 Place a liner in each nappy

Prepare the nappies with a liner so that they’re ready to go.

#5 Give a heads up with regards to how often they should change the nappy

This is crucial if your child is a heavy wetter and needs to be changed more frequently. Some babies have to be changed every 2-3 hours whereas others can go for much longer. Make the caregivers aware of this in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

#6 Pre-moisten cloth wipes

If you’re also opting to use reusable cloth wipes, send them pre-moistened in a container or a small wet bag.

#7 Send more nappies than you think you will need

Your baby might decide to poo 2 times instead of once! Send extra nappies to make sure they always have clean ones available.

#8 Pack spare clothes

Whether using cloth or disposable nappies, accidents will happen and it’s good practice to send some spare clean clothes just in case.

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