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Got a heavy wetter on your hands?

Heavy wetter or not, I strongly believe that one of the fundamental factors for success with cloth nappies is making sure you have the right absorbency. Of course, with a heavy wetter, this is even more important to ensure that your baby stays dry.

There’s no official definition of ‘heavy wetter’ but you will soon enough realise whether your baby pees a lot or not even if it’s your first baby and you have nothing to compare it to! I certainly classify my little girl as one. I was surprised at the large amounts of wee she could produce from when she was very little. Because of this, it was super important for us to put her in cloth nappies with the right absorbency as otherwise she would end up wet. It took us a fair bit (weeks) of trial and error before we found our winning combinations that she could not out wee! 

So here they are – winning ‘heavy wetter’ nappy combinations

#1 Charlie Banana pocket nappy

The Charlie Banana pocket nappy comes with two microfibre inserts. Although microfibre is known to be less absorbent than other materials, these deluxe inserts really do have superior absorbency. Now that our baby is 11 months, I use both inserts during daytime. This will keep the baby dry for around 4-5 hours. If you want a slightly less bulky nappy, you can replace with just one hemp insert. For night-time, we tend to go for double hemp to ensure the little one stays dry for 10-12 hours straight.

#2 TotsBots Bamboozle plus cover

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Blog Heavy WetterMarketed as a night-time nappy because of its super absorbency, there’s nothing to say you cannot use this in the daytime too! The TotsBots Bamboozle is made out of bamboo and is able to absorb a huge amount of liquid. The size 2 can absorb up to 715ml. If your baby is a heavy wetter, this is a great reliable option. It’s a fitted nappy and will keep your baby dry and comfortable. TotsBots pair the Bamboozle with their own waterproof nappy cover called the PeeNut wrap but you can opt to pair it with any other nappy cover you prefer or already have. For night-time, we tend to boost the Bamboozle with a Charlie Banana insert (deluxe or hemp depending on what’s in our clean drawer) to ensure dryness for 12 hours straight!

#3 Bambino Mio all in one

We like the Miosolo as the Velcro makes it so quick and easy to put on. The Miosolo inserts are made from microfibre and so are incredibly quick to dry. However, this material has less capacity to absorb liquid and tends to get full quickly leading to leaks. We therefore pair it with an extra Miosoft booster or for even more absorbency you can use a Charlie Banana hemp insert. We find that this combination keeps our little one dry for 3-4 hours at a time.

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It might be frustrating and a bit disheartening when you start using cloth nappies and you cannot seem to find the right combination that keeps your baby dry. Just keep going at it. All it takes is some determination to find the right combination that works for your baby! As your baby grows, so will their bladder so make sure you are adapting the nappy absorbency accordingly.

If you would like some more advice, just give us a shout. We’re happy to help! blog wink emoji

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