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Giulia's experience: Why did I choose cloth?

One of our lovely customers Giulia has recently become a first time mama to her gorgeous baby boy and today she is sharing her personal experience of using cloth nappies.

How did you hear about cloth nappies?

During my pregnancy I researched natural eco-friendly childcare solutions and came across cloth nappies on the web.

When did you decide to go for it? 

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta blog Giulia personal experienceTowards the end of my pregnancy, when I was preparing the items for the arrival of my son, I decided to get some cloth nappies from different brands and models. My intention was that once I was back home from hospital I would try them out and decide which were the best for him. I gradually started using cloth nappies during the day, alternating with disposable ones. Once I understood which was the best type and brand for me, I purchased a few more and started using cloth nappies on regular basis. 

What were your reasons for deciding to give cloth a go?

I first considered the benefits these products would have on my son’s skin. Cloth nappies meant that he could wear breathable fabrics instead of plastic nappies. We have not had any rash issues at all!

Secondly, from an environmental perspective, using cloth nappies meant that we would be avoiding using plastic and producing less waste. You do have to consider that the washing machine and tumble dryer (when needed) will be used a bit more than usual. Despite this small increase in demand for water and electricity, I think it is still worth it.

Moreover, in terms of costs, in the long term you will be making a huge saving. After the initial high cost of purchasing enough nappies to “survive” for one or two days, you can use them until the baby is potty trained and possibly for future brothers and sisters, or you can even sell them second hand. My suggestion is to get one sized nappies which you can adjust as your baby grows and to invest in a good brand if you intend on using them in the long term.

Finally, in Italian we say “Anche l'occhio vuole la sua parte” (Even the eye wants its part). Cloth nappies look much nicer than disposables. Yes, they are a bit more bulky but I do not see this as a negative. When it is hot, I use only a t-shirt and use the nappy as shorts.

Was your partner/family supportive of your decision? 

My partner was very supportive since the beginning and this was very important for me. He now uses cloth nappies for our baby without any problem and he also helps me with the washing.

My family was a bit skeptical at the beginning. However, after seeing us use cloth nappies week in week out and seeing that it was working, they have finally accepted them! 

What were your main concerns before you started using cloth nappies? 

My main concern was the time I was going to spend “caring” for the nappies in terms of washing and storing. However, as soon as you are able to fit them in your routine, it is a normal daily activity like the rest of the housework. Another concern was the proper use of them in terms of adjusting the poppers and the elastics properly to avoid marks and at the same time leaks. It is true, at the beginning this will happen, however as soon as you get used to it, you will fasten the nappy automatically and you will find your personal ways to see what the best fit for your child is. The same applies for the use of the inserts.  

Do you use them full time?

Yes, 24/7 at home and outside!

What’s your washing routine like?

I do a short cycle with cold water for around 30 minutes and 1000 spin. Then, I do a long cotton cycle at 60 degrees with an extra rinse and 1000 spin. I use a small amount (one or two spoons) of baby power laundry detergent and sometimes I also add one spoon of Miofresh to keep the nappies smelling nice and fresh.  

How many nappies do you have?

I now have around 20 Charlie Banana one-size nappies. I also use reusable liners. I do a wash every other day. I store the dirty nappies in a wet bag. Inside the bag I also put a cotton ball with three drops of lavender oil.

Do you think cloth nappies are reliable? 

In terms of baby skin care – absolutely! Cloth nappies are also reliable in terms of avoiding ‘explosions’ once you figure out how to fasten it properly and which inserts to use.

What is your advice to fellow parents considering using cloth nappies?

My advice is to do what you feel is best for your kid and what is comfortable for you and your family!

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