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Hemp hooha

Hemp is simply a brilliantly amazing material. Here are 5 reasons why hemp is causing such a hooha!

  1. Seriously sustainable

One of the beautiful things about hemp is that it is essentially a weed and therefore it grows abundantly without the need of pesticides and with very little water. Hemp can be grown in the same soil year after year as it does not leave poor quality soil behind. On top of all that, hemp is biodegradable! This material is a great choice if you are looking for a superbly sustainable cloth nappy option!

  1. Determinedly durable

Hemp is known the world over for it’s hard working and hard wearing nature. This stuff can cop some serious abuse and keep coming back for more. Products made from hemp hold their shape well and stretch far less than other natural fibres. In a nutshell, hemp will outlast its competition by many years.

  1. Gloriously gentle

Some of hemp’s top attributes are that it has inherent anti fungal and antibacterial properties. These properties make hemp naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew. Since zero or very few artificial irritants are used during the production of hemp, the material is hypoallergenic making it perfect even for sensitive skin.

  1. Amazingly absorbent

It’s a known fact - one of the great things about hemp is how absorbent it is! Hemp inserts can hold about 2.5x more fluid than microfiber. This makes hemp a great solution for nighttime or heavy wetters.

  1. Combats compression

Because of its tight weave, once it gets wet hemp really holds onto moisture. This is great because it means that it’s not prone to compression leaks that occur when the nappy is put under pressure such as pressure caused by older heavier babies or pressure from tight clothes or tight buckles.

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Hemp tips:

  • The ability to hold on to moisture makes hemp slow to dry. Make sure your hemp inserts are properly dry before using them again.
  • With use, hemp can start becoming a bit stiff. Once it’s dried, scrunch it up or hit it against something hard to soften it. Drying inserts in the tumble drier will also help soften the material.
  • Remember that it will take hemp anywhere between 6-10 washes until it reached full absorbency. Be patient!

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