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Nappy liners aka poo catchers!

What are nappy liners?

Liners are simply thin pieces of fabric that are laid on top of the cloth nappy.

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Are there different types of liners?

Liners can be either disposable or reusable. Disposable liners tend to be made out of bamboo or cornstarch. Reusable liners are normally made out of fleece. You can see our whole range of liners here.

Why use nappy liners?

The main job of nappy liners is to catch solid poo and to make it super easy to remove it from the nappy. Liners also help keep the baby’s bottom a bit drier since they allow the liquid to go through quickly but are non-absorbent and so the liquid cannot return. Liners also come in handy if you need to use a nappy barrier cream as they protect the nappy. Using cream without a liner will impact the absorbency of the nappy.

Do I need liners for newborns?

When babies are newborn and solely milk-fed, the poo is water-soluble and can be washed off in the washing machine. Therefore, there is no need to dispose of the poo. You can however use liners to keep your little one’s bottom a bit drier. In this case, fleece liners are preferred over disposable ones. 

When should I start using nappy liners?

When your baby starts eating solids, the poo will slowly become more solid as well. At this stage you will need to start using liners so you can easily get rid of the solid poo.

Can I flush liners in the toilet?

Most disposable liners are biodegradable and some are advertised as flushable. However, we advise against this in order to avoid any clogging up of your toilet. Simply throw them in a bin.

Advantages of disposable nappy liners

Disposable liners are very convenient as they can just be thrown away with every nappy change yet are biodegradable and not expensive. If you are using a liner to protect the nappy against cream, then you should use a disposable one.

Advantages of reusable nappy liners

In the same way that cloth nappies are cheaper than disposable, reusable liners are cheaper than the throwaway ones.Reusable nappy liners can be washed together with the nappies. Reusable liners have no risk of tearing or splitting. The fleece material is very soft against the baby’s bottom and is ideal for babies who suffer with skin conditions such as eczema.

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