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Period Power: Answering the most common questions about period pants

Fact: In Malta alone 32 million disposable sanitary products are thrown away every single year.

What exactly are period pants?
Period pants are undergarments with an absorbent gusset intended for you to wear during your period in order to replace disposable sanitary products. You can also use them for postpartum and for bladder weakness.

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What are the main benefits of period pants?
They are reusable and generally more absorbent than most sanitary pads. They are really easy to wear and you can rest assured that the absorbent area will stay well in place!
Do they look and feel as if I’m wearing a nappy?
Not at all! Period pants are constructed to look and feel like regular underwear.

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Will I need to change my period pants during the day?
This will depend on the absorbency of your period pants and how heavy your period is. On the lighter days of your menstrual flow you probably will not need to change your period pants. On heavier days it is recommended to change them. Otherwise, you can pair them up with a reusable pad to start off the day and then remove your pad later on once it’s saturated.
How will I know when I need to change?
Normally period pants should feel dry as they absorb the blood. If you notice a wet feeling then it’s probably time for a change. Frequency of changing will depend on the absorbency of the pants and the heaviness of your flow. As an idea, heavy bleeding will require changing every 4-6 hours.

Can I sleep in my period pants?
Absolutely! The absorbent area is big enough to still offer enough protection when you are lying down. Period pants are also great to wear in the few days before your period so you don't get caught out!

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Can I exercise in them?
Yes, period pants are very comfortable to wear during exercise and can also be worn if you suffer from stress incontinence when you are exercising. Our Feeling Sporty Period Pants are especially comfy during exercise.

Can I use period underwear for postpartum bleeding?
Yes. During the initial postpartum period, when the flow is normally very heavy, you may want to pair them with reusable pads. Our Feeling Fearless Period Pants include extra absorbency and can 3 tampons worth of fluid.

Will period pants show under my clothes?
Period pants are not any different to regular underwear. If you want to ensure that your period pants are perfectly streamlined under your clothing try our high rise Feeling Confident Period Pants which also help to define your shape.
What about when I'm out or at work?
Simply pop your dirty period pants into a small waterproof wet bag and you can soak and wash once you get back home.

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How do I wash them?
It is recommended to soak your dirty period pants in cold water after use. Then simply wash at 30 degrees and hang to dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener as this will affect the absorbency over time.
Can putting period blood in the washing machine contaminate my other washing?
An average period is just 30ml to 72ml of blood over the course of 5 days (5-12 teaspoons worth) so there is only a small amount on the pants anyway! There is no risk of ‘contaminating’ anything else in the wash. If you’ve soaked your period pants we suggest washing them with other soiled items instead of doing a separate wash just for them.

Can I tumble-dry them?
No, the absorbent layers are heat bonded so if you tumble-dry them they will start to come apart and cause the elastic to fray.

How long will my period pants last?
Period pants should last just as long as any other pair of ordinary underwear. When washed as recommended, period pants will last anywhere between 2-5 years.

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Why make the switch to period underwear?
Beyond the fact that they are so comfortable and leak-proof, period pants are gaining popularity as being the sustainable and economical choice. With period pants you’re always covered! Gone are the days when you have to frantically get out of the house to buy last minute disposable sanitary products!

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