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Reusable cloth wipes - that little bit greener

Wet wipes are widely used not just by parents with young kids but also by many others for lots of reasons including removing make up and wiping dirty hands. Disposable wet wipes have a huge impact on our environment and are the source of lots of problems including sewer blockages. 

Why reusable washable wipes?

The advantages of using reusable cloth wipes as opposed to disposable wet wipes are very similar to those of using cloth nappies as opposed to disposables. Reusable cloth wipes:

  • divert a lot of waste from our landfill
  • are chemical-free – no nasties!
  • will save you a ton of money!

Start from a comfortable place

If the idea of cleaning poo and bodily fluids with cloth wipes still makes you a bit uneasy, why not start using them to clean your face instead of make up wipes or to clean your hands instead of kitchen roll? This will help you get going and get comfortable with the idea and is a perfect way to be a bit greener at home! If you are already using cloth nappies, it is almost inevitable that you also get into using cloth wipes. Simply throw them into the washing machine with your cloth nappies! Absolutely no extra work involved!

The texture of the material makes it easier to wipe dirt away. Cloth wipes are the best thing you can use to clean sticky fingers and hands. They also do a much better job at cleaning poo. If you are dealing with a messy situation, it can take 5 and more disposable wet wipes to clean up whereas with 1-2 cloth wipes you will get the job done better and quicker. They are gentle yet effective.

Which material should I go for?

The following fabrics have great qualities and work very well: bamboo, cotton, natural fleece, flannel, velour or a blend of these materials.

This is what our range of reusable cloth wipes is made of:

Bambino Mio reusable baby wipes - 80% cotton, 20% polyester

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta cloth wipes blog bambino mio
Charlie Banana organic cotton wipes - 100% organically grown cotton

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta cloth wipes blog charlie banana

Bambooty Reusable Bamboo Baby Wipes - 2 layers of bamboo and organic cotton plus velour on one side and a lightweight fleece on the underside

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta cloth wipes blog bambooty

TotsBots reusable wipes - 30% cotton, 50% bamboo & 20% polyester

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta cloth wipes blog totsbots

Microfibre is also a great material for hands, face and other surfaces but is best avoided when wiping babies’ bottoms.

How do I store them?

Do I need to keep my cloth wipes wet? You can opt to store your wipes in solutions with essential oils such as tea tree or lavender but this is not necessary. What I find easier is to keep them dry and just wet them with warm water just before use. When you are out and about you can dampen the cloths and carry them with you in a bpa-free plastic container or a small wet bag. 

How do I wash them?

To wash, simply pop into the washing machine with other soiled items such as gym clothes and dirty towels. It is best if you do a cold rinse before the actual wash to get rid of solids if there are any. Similar to cloth nappies, it is best not to use fabric softener as this builds up over time and eventually reduces absorbency. Check out our washing guidelines here.

How many should I have?

If you are just using them for nappy changes, a couple of dozens is more than enough. If you are using them for other purposes too you might want to have a few more to ensure you never run out!

How much will it cost?

The great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase anything to get going! You can use old facecloths, old clothes and old towels. So giving it a go will not even set you back at all! If you prefer to buy ready-made ones, you can get them for as little as €1 per cloth. Check out our range here.

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