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Time for potty training?

Potty training a baby can be pretty daunting! For the lucky few, the transition to underwear is quick and painless, but for most of us it can be quite an adventure! This is why you need something that’s reliable, straightforward and not going to break the bank!

When your toddler is somewhere between two and three years old, they should start showing signs that they are ready to start toilet-training. Some of the signs include:

  • showing interest when other people go to the bathroom
  • asking to wear underwear
  • staying dry for longer periods of time
  • wanting privacy when peeing and pooing

    This is the time when you need something that’s absorbent enough to hold accidents yet will allow your little one to feel the wetness and learn.

    The benefits of cloth training pants

    The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Potty Training Blog Bambino MioIf up till this point, you have been using cloth nappies, you probably don’t want to switch to disposables now. And if up till now you have been using disposables, why not give cloth a go? You will be saving money and introducing an environmentally friendly product into your household! And on top of that, similar to cloth nappies, cloth training pants are made out of natural materials. Apart from the obvious health benefits, these natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo, will allow your toddler to feel the wetness if they have an accident thus accelerating the learning process. Disposable pull-up training pants are designed to pull away moisture from the baby’s bottom, which does not allow the baby to realize the difference between dryness and wetness.

    Similar to underwear

    Cloth training pants are basically regular underwear but with a few extra layers of absorbency and a water-resistant outer fabric to provide some protection against accidents. The fact that cloth training pants are very similar to real underwear will help your child feel more grown up and will also help with the eventual transition to underwear. Your child will be able to pull up and down the training pants easily when necessary.


    We won’t go on too much about the cost savings as it’s obvious. When potty-training you might end up throwing away many unsoiled disposable nappies in the garbage so why not swap these with cloth training pants? You only need a handful and, as with cloth nappies, you can keep them for a second child or pass them on to families and friends. 


    Our cloth training pants are adaptable so you can increase or decrease absorbency as required. You can add extra layers of absorbency for night-time or whilst your toddler is in the first few weeks into potty-training and then reduce absorbency layers as they learn making the cloth training pants more slim and similar to real underwear. And of course, you can let your little one choose their own styles and colours helping them feel more involved in the process and making them feel more responsible.

    Enjoy your child’s learning process. It might seem like a lifetime until they are fully potty trained but you can certainly have fun along the way! And remember – potty training is a developmental process, not a race!

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    Tip: In the early stages of the learning process, your baby might still be having full-bladder accidents at night-time. In these cases, we recommend that you use cloth diapers until the baby is further into the potty-training process and is waking up dry or with the diaper only a little damp. Pocket nappies are great as they can be customized as required, starting with maximum absorbency in the early stages and slowly reducing the absorbency layers until your baby is ready to transition into pull-up cloth training pants.

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