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Twins in Cloth - A Testimonial

As a parent, whether you’re a new parent or considering doing things differently with your littlest one, the idea of using cloth nappies can be daunting. 

Well, here we have a fantastic testimonial from a mum of not one, but TWO little ones, sharing her experience with our cloth nappies on her twins! Here’s what she had to say:

“One of the best decisions we could take! Cloth nappies are gentle and good for the baby's skin, which is very handy to prevent diaper rashes. Greater cost savings over time, including the cost of water and electricity for washing them; it all still works out cheaper than disposable nappies, plus no need for extra storage! You do have to spend a bit more up front, true, but once you have the nappies, you keep saving - that is for sure!"

  Twins in Cloth - The Cloth Nappy Company Malta

"Reusable nappies last for a very long time, and can be passed down to future siblings. Patterns are all very nice, and they do not change despite washing. They are highly absorbent and you can adapt and adjust to your baby’s needs with different inserts. They have really comfortable and adjustable elastic around the legs and the waist, ideal to prevent leakage, and they can be set to adapt to their bodies as they grow, which is great! Aside from this, you are helping the environment with less waste in landfills, which is a good point too.”

If she could do it, so can you! Thinking of making the change? Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION where we’ll answer all your questions and share all necessary info, and be sure to check out our tips on getting started, and take a look at our range of starter bundles here

Happy cloth diapering! 💚 

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