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What do you need to start using cloth nappies?

The answer is simple. One cloth nappy.

There is way too much information online

Those of you who are contemplating the idea of using cloth nappies for their babies know that, as soon as you type the term onto the browser, you will be inundated with heaps of information. It happened to me when I was pregnant and started toying with the idea. I was overwhelmed! I came across a lot of different names and terms, a lot of technical information about the nappy materials, a huge amount of YouTube videos with mixed and sometimes even conflicting opinions on brands and nappy types. The list goes on.

Get your hands on some cloth nappies

Once our babThe Cloth Nappy Company blog Why do you need to start using cloth nappies?y daughter was born and I started using cloth nappies day in day out I realised that I really should have never been daunted by the idea. As soon as I started using cloth nappies in practice I learnt so much more than I had by reading online or watching videos. One of the aims behind The Cloth Nappy Company is to give parents and parents-to-be the opportunity to handle cloth nappies and get more comfortable with the idea. Our monthly Cloth Nappies 101 are a great opportunity for all of you who are pondering how, what or if youshould start. You might also come across The Cloth Nappy Company in events we attend around the island. Watch out for our future events by following our Facebook page. We would love to meet and chat with you  

The sooner you start the more you save

So what I suggest is – do not overthink it! Start using cloth nappies as soon as possible. It will not only make you get the hang of it quickly but you will also save more money. The sooner you start, the more money you save!

Is the washing routine going to take too much of my time?

Washing cloth nappies is no different to washing other clothes. Modern cloth nappies do not require any soaking or washing by hand. Your washing machine will do all the work .. BRILLIANT! All you need to do is to pop the load into the machine and press the button.

Not just an online store

The Cloth Nappy Company is not just an online store. We are cloth nappy users ourselves and always here to help, whether that’s by meeting up for a chat over a coffee or by answering your questions via our website or social media platforms. So rest assured you will not be alone if you ever need help!

Most of all we would like to encourage you to go and give cloth nappies a go. You are your own best teacher! You will never fully appreciate how great these products are until you start using them. And then you will thank your lucky stars for doing so.

And just in case you need that extra push, here it is. Cloth nappies are:

# better for your baby – with none of the harsh chemicals that disposables contain

# better for your wallet – working out to be much cheaper than disposables and can be used for more than one child

# better for our planet – reducing some of the 450 billiondisposables going to landfills every year

# super cool prints – turning this normally mundane aspect of parenting to a much more colourful experience!

 Just give it a go! After all you only need one cloth nappy to start!

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