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Cheeky Pants - Period Swimsuit
Cheeky Pants - Period Swimsuit
Cheeky Pants - Period Swimsuit
Cheeky Pants - Period Swimsuit

Cheeky Pants - Period Swimsuit

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Use if: You fancy spending time at the beach or the pool without the faff of using a tampon or a menstrual cup to contain your period blood.

Sizing: True to UK sizing - use the straps to adjust for a small/larger bust size

* When trying on do not remove hygiene sticker - no returns will be accepted if this is removed

What we love: 

  • Made with treated nylon outer fabric which is water resistant and leak proof for lighter periods
  • Double adjustable straps means you'll have the perfect fit
  • Removable breast pads
  • Holds two tampons worth of menstrual blood
  • Suitable as a backup to menstrual cup or tampon for heavy flow days

Period swimwear from Cheeky Pants - Period Swimwear UK - Period proof swimwear UK 

Can you swim with period swimwear?

The answer is a resounding YES! It's what they're made for!

Looking just like a gorgeous 'regular' bathing suit, these female swimmers for your period are not only super flattering but have a hidden absorbent lining. Perfect for peace of mind when swimming on light periods to regular flow periods.

Just like our period underwear they absorb menstrual flow without being bulky or noticeable. Our waterproof swimwear for periods means that you can pop to the pool or beach without having the worry of a pad or tampon!

How absorbent is Cheeky Period Proof Swimwear?

This period swimsuit can hold two tampons worth of menstrual blood. The absorbent lining is slightly thinner than some period pants, so avoid wearing solo on your heaviest days. However, the gusset is antibacterial and breathable, plus quick drying!

The outer fabric is water repellent. This stops water (from the pool or sea) from getting absorbed into the inside of the swimsuit. To ensure this is effective make sure your swimsuit has a really good fit around the legs - you don't want any gaping when you're moving!

What is Cheeky Period Swimming Costume made of?

Lining: 100%Polyester Oeko-tex certified

Middle: 80%Polyester, 20%Nylon/PUL 100% Polyester Oeko-tex certified

Outer: 82%Nylon, 18%Spandex Oeko-tex certified

How do I wash my period swimwear?

Taking care of your Cheeky period swimming costume couldn't be easier. Either wash within 24 hours, or cold soak for couple of days and pop in the washing machine. Wash in a cool or cold wash, 30℃ or lower

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