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How many nappies?

As a general guide, you will need somewhere between 15 and 25 cloth nappies.

This number will depend on:

  • the type of nappy you opt for - when using an All in Two or a Two Part nappy system you will probably get away with fewer nappy covers than inner absorbent layers as you do not need to change the cover with every nappy change unless it is soiled. These nappy systems will require less stock than the All in One or Pocket nappy systems. For more information refer to our Nappy Types section.
  • your baby's age keeping in mind that normally newborns and younger babies tend to need more frequent nappy changes than older babies and toddlers
  • whether you'll be using cloth nappies full time or part time
  • how often you intend to do a nappy wash - having more nappies in your stash means you can afford to go longer between washes before running out of nappies!

It is a good idea to try different types and brands of nappies before going all in on one kind of nappy. What fits and suits one baby may not necessarily be optimal for another. Our Sampler Bundle is ideal to test out different nappies.