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The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Balmonds Chamomile Baby Oil

Balmonds Chamomile Baby Oil 200ml

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Balmonds Chamomile Baby Oil is a multi-purpose oil with a calming and nourishing formula making it perfect for babies’ delicate skins. It will lock in moisture during or after bathing. Also great to use during your nappy changing routine. Simply apply onto reusable baby wipes to help clean your baby in the gentlest way possible. It is suitable to use for all skin types and ages, including babies 6 weeks and older.

Its luscious organic ingredients also make this oil great as a facial cleanser, massage oil or shaving oil. So don’t feel like you have to save it for the baby only!

Balmond’s Chamomile Baby Oil is 100% natural and free from parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals or perfumes. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • Safflower seed oil - excellent for sensitive skin
  • Sunflower seed oil - to nourish skin
  • Lavender essential oil – cleansing, relaxing and sleep-inducing properties
  • Roman chamomile essential oil - to soothe and soften skin

For an exhaustive list of ingredients, please check:

Directions for use:

We recommend that you do a patch test on unaffected area close to affected area and leave for 24 hours before using more liberally.

As a bath oil – ass a teaspoon to warm bath water

As a massage oil – pour small amount into the palm of the hand to warm before applying to skin

For baby cleaning – Use on damp reusable baby wipes

As a scalp oil for cradle cap – apply directly to scalp and leave overnight. Wash out with warm water

As a facial cleanser for adults – pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, massage well into your face and leave for a couple of minutes before removing excess with a warm cloth.

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