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Bambooty - Bamboo Nappy Liners 100x

Bambooty - Bamboo Nappy Liners 100x

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  • 100 liners per roll
  • Bambooty liners are biodegradable and compostable making them environmentally friendly and easy to use.
  • simply place inside your cloth nappy before fastening 
  • dispose of soiled liners*
  • wet liners might survive being washed and then reused**

*Not recommended to flush down damaged or septic systems

**This usually depends on the acidity of the wee, which can change over time.

Tip - if using with small newborn babies, we suggest cutting them in half, giving you twice as many for your money. Most find liners aren't necessary until starting solids though.

Tip - babies don't poo while they are sleeping so you may well not need to use them over night. Once they start sleeping through that is...