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Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M
Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M
Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M
Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M
Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M

Femi.Eko - Seamless Reusable Pad - Size M

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35 ml = 3 x  = 4 x 

Style: Seamless reusable pad M, 0.2 mm thick

Recommended for: Active women, women of all ages, teenagers, post-partum

Ideal for: Moderate and light menstrual flow, last days of menstruation together with menstrual cup, heavy discharge, pubic sweating, urinary incontinence

Comfort: 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 basic comfort

Use: Depending on the flow, you can wear them for up to 10 hours continuously without leakage and risk of infection.

Healthy alternative: Replaces traditional pads and tampons, does not cause dryness, unpleasant odours and irritation


Femi.Eko® pads are the healthy and reusable alternative to traditional pads. They offer protection and wear time of up to 10 hours for at least 2 years. Chosen by thousands of women in particular because of their increased protection, they are more comfortable, healthier and give a permanent feeling of freshness. That’s because the fabric breathes and allows moisture to evaporate. Less moisture means less bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, rashes or infections.

The fabrics we use are carefully designed to ensure comfort, protection and absorbency. The absorbent pad contains effective absorbent layers. The top layer is pleasant to the touch and gentle on sensitive skin, the absorbent layer maintains the equivalent of 3 normal pads, and the waterproof layer protects against leakage. On top of that, this absorbent’s cut is only 2mm and you almost don’t know you’re in the menstration. And on top of all these benefits, it saves you money spent on over 300 disposable pads a year.

Thanks to the clip-on wings, their size can be adjusted to suit your panty size. They fold neatly into squares that you can pack and take in your bag. We recommend you try our waterproof wallet for storing used pads when you’re on the move.

And don’t worry, the pad is easy to wash. Just rinse it well before putting it in the washing machine and you’re done!

Even if you’re not green, with reusable pads you can feel like you’re doing the planet a favour.

Wash & Care

Rinse with cold water before washing. Hand wash or machine wash at low temperatures (ideally 30 degrees). Do not use chlorine, bleach, disinfectants or conditioner. We recommend using a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free detergent.

Material Details

The first layer of material that comes into contact with the intimate area:
Gentle on the skin and comfortable, environmentally friendly
Composition: 84% modal; 8% seaweed; 8% spandex
Function: effective absorbency, soft and velvety, quick drying

2nd layer:
Liquid storage and absorption
Composition: 100% polyester
Function: liquid storage, strong absorbency, efficient drying

3rd layer:
Absorption, leak-proof and waterproof
Composition: 91% polyester; 9% spandex + PUL
Function: absorbent, breathable, leak-proof, waterproof

Layer 4:
Absorbent material
Composition: 70% nylon 30% spandex
Function: fine, delicate

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