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Femi.Eko Silke period pants The Cloth Nappy Company Malta
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants
Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants

Femi.Eko - Silke - Bamboo Brazilian Period Pants

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 35 ml = 2.5 x  = 4 x  

Style: Absorbent, Brazilian-style panties with elastic band and frontal lace, Danish design.

Recommended for: active women, women of all ages.

Ideal for: moderate menstrual flow, pubic sweating, together with a menstrual cup or disc, heavy leakage, urinary incontinence.

Comfort: 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 bamboo fabric, ultra-comfortable and elastic.

Use: Depending on the flow, you can wear them up to 8 hours continuously, without leakage and risk of infection, for up to 2 years.

Healthy alternative: Replaces traditional pads and tampons, does not cause dryness, unpleasant odours and irritation.


Silke’s absorbent panties are made from eco-friendly and comfortable materials, making them an extremely well accepted product by most women, thanks to their cut and natural materials.

The first layer of the menstrual underwear, which comes into direct contact with the intimate area, is made of 100% organic cotton, which has anti-wetting and anti-bacterial properties, with no added chemicals or pesticides in the production process.

Our cotton absorbs liquid quickly and dries easily, reducing the risk of irritation and unpleasant odours.

The absorbent layers of menstrual pads are made from 50% cotton and 50% bamboo, both of which are sustainable, biodegradable and require no chemicals in their cultivation or processing.

The waterproof layer is made of biodegradable PUL and has waterproof and breathable properties, and is also planet friendly in that it has no plastic in its composition.

Smila menstrual panties are made from organic materials, Oeko-Tex certified, and don’t consume so many resources, from the water in production, to the technological processes, to recycling. Femi.Eko natural menstrual panties are a reusable and sustainable solution for the modern woman who values her health and the health of the planet.

In addition, Femieko menstrual panties are super comfortable and provide effective protection for up to 8 hours without the risk of bacteria, odours and infections thanks to carefully selected materials.

With these menstrual panties you will feel protected, healthier and more confident, we assure you that you will embrace menstruation or other leaks with less stress and joy.

Menstrual Panties can be reused for up to 2 years, protecting the planet from the plastic waste of traditional pads and tampons, but also being an economical solution month after month.

Simply use these panties like regular underwear, changing them when they are saturated with fluid.

Femi.eko Absorbent Panties are easy to wash, just rinse in cold water and then wash normally at under 40 degrees. Requires washing before first wear.

Say NO to plastic in intimate areas, NO to pollution and reliance on disposable products and a big YES to comfortable, lightweight and eco-friendly products.

We care for the Planet is not just a statement! We only use packaging made from FSC certified, 100% recyclable materials. In addition, we support Trees for the Future efforts, so you know that every time you buy Femi.eko products you are helping to plant trees in areas struggling with desertification.

For washing instructions, please refer to infographic.

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