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5 Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle in 2023

As we recover from the festive season and settle into our routine for the new year, how about making some small changes that will not only help the environment, but your pocket too? 

Here are 5 tips on how to live more sustainably in 2023 with The Cloth Nappy Company!

- Switch to cloth nappies: switching to cloth nappies will not only save hundreds of disposables from going into the landfill but will also save you plenty of  money in the long run! Our nappies are beautiful, long lasting, and high quality, and once your little one is potty trained, you can either keep them and reuse them if you have another baby, or we will buy them back off you if they are in a good reusable condition! And speaking of which…

- Opt for preloved nappies: We get it, the initial price of brand new cloth nappies may seem daunting. Even though we guarantee that you’ll be saving money over the full nappy-using journey of your little one, if you’re looking for an even more affordable option, you can purchase our preloved nappies which are all in mint condition and available at a fraction of the price!

- Sustainable feminine care: Say goodbye to those disposable pads and tampons and switch to our beautiful and high quality range of reusable pads and period pants! Not only are these good for the environment and your pocket, but they’re also better for you, since they don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals that are found in disposable options.

- Try out preloved clothing: Kids clothes can be expensive and they grow out of them SO FAST! Thankfully, we provide a very pocket-friendly option of preloved clothing from newborn sizes up to 7 years, with a great range of clothes, accessories, muslin cloths, blankets, and more!

- One small change at a time: Remember, living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean going from 0 to 100. It’s about making one small change at a time. One less nappy, one less pad, one smaller expense.

Click here to check out our beautiful range of products and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions! We are always happy to help and offer any advice.

Here’s to a more sustainable year ahead! 

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