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Nappy types

# All in One Nappies

As the name suggests, All in One nappies consist of just one piece, in which the outer waterproof layer and the absorbent parts are permanently attached together to form one item. In most models currently available on the market, the absorbent part tucks into a pocket and can be unfolded to speed up drying. If required, an extra booster can be added on to increase absorbency.

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# All in Two Nappies

All in Two Nappies are similar to the All in Ones however the absorbent part of these nappy models can be completely unattached from the outer waterproof layer when washing and drying. The inner absorbent part is normally attached to the outer layer by means of a popper system. The outer layer can be re-used more than once if not soiled thus saving on washing.

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# Pocket Nappies

 Pocket nappies consist of an outer waterproof layer and absorbent inserts which can be inserted into a pouch or pocket built into the outer layer. The outer layer is usually lined with fleece which is very soft on babies' bottoms. Inserts (sometimes also referred to as boosters) can be made out of several materials such as microfibre, bamboo, cotton, hemp or a mixture of these. You can choose to add as many inserts as you need. Inserts need to be removed during washing and drying.

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# Two Part Nappies

Two part nappies consist of separate nappy covers and inner absorbent layers. Nappy covers are sometimes also referred to as nappy wraps. The inner layer can be modern shaped or a traditional flat nappy similar to a terry square. These nappies are normally the most absorbent and leak-proof of all nappies. Similar to the All in Twos, the nappy cover can be used more than once if not soiled and therefore you will require fewer covers.

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