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Out & about

Is the thought of going out and about with cloth nappies seeming a bit daunting? If you are well-prepared, it will not only be as easy as going out with disposable nappies but also more stylish! Here are some top tips.

  • A wet bag is an invaluable accessory you might want to invest in. It can lend itself to several situations including when you are out and about to help keep the odours inside. Wet bags come in a variety of sizes and designs.

  • If you have different types and brands of nappies in your stash, choose the ones that work best for you ie. the most absorbent and reliable ones.

  • Make sure that the nappies you pack with you are already assembled so there is minimum fussing about when you are out.

  • Pack enough nappies. Don't get caught out!

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