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5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

It’s Plastic Free July and in honour of the cause, we thought we’d spread some awareness on how to reduce plastic waste and live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle!

The world has come a long way - with many countries now banning the distribution of certain single-use plastics. The European Commission is carrying out an extensive strategy which will aid countries like Malta to move towards a more circular economy, helping to protect not only our environment, but also human health.

The top 10 single-use plastic items have been determined as:

- Drink bottles, caps and lids
- Cigarette filters
- Cotton bud sticks
- Packets & sweet wrappers
- Sanitary items
- Plastic bags
- Cutlery, straws and stirrers
- Drink cups and lids
- Balloons and sticks
- Food containers

With this in mind, we can try to be more mindful about the items that we purchase and use, as there is always a better alternative. ♻

On that note, let’s get into our 5 suggestions on how to reduce plastic in your everyday life:

1. Consider installing a water filtration system

This is a great way to not only reduce plastic in your daily routine, but it’s also incredibly convenient and practical. A water filtration system, such as TAPP, is one of the greenest solutions for drinking water; it replaces thousands of plastic bottles from being sent to the landfill, it’s always readily available for you to drink, and what’s more, the filtration process significantly reduces contaminants and microplastics from the water, making it healthier for you to drink! It’s a win-win-win. :)

2. Carry reusable bags with you when you go shopping

Cloth bags, reusable bags, and mesh veggie bags are light, foldable, and convenient to keep with you wherever you are. Keep one in your handbag, keep some in your car - sometimes an unplanned shopping trip might come up and you’ll be happy to have these on standby! And another pro tip for shopping: if you pop by the grocer’s or a supermarket and forget to take your reusable bags with you (we’ve all been there!), check if they’ve got any boxes that you can use to carry your things in instead of purchasing yet another bag. Save money, and plastic! More wins! 😀

3. Replace daily plastic items with more sustainable ones

Swap your plastic toothbrush out for a bamboo one, plastic clothing pegs for wooden ones, plastic straws for paper or stainless steel, tupperware or other plastic containers for glass or stainless steel, and women’s sanitary products for reusable ones - little changes that can go a VERY long way. And the best part is that while making a big difference to the environment, they hardly make a difference to your life - it’s all about making little changes and adapting. You can take a look at our range of feminine care products here; from reusable pads to period pants and more! Super comfy, supportive, protective, and eco-friendly!

4. Buy fewer pre-packaged items

We get it - life is a rush, and supermarkets and grocery stores make it very tempting to buy things like fruit and veg that’s readily peeled, chopped, and packaged - but is this really necessary? The amount of plastic that is used for each of these items is extensive. We can all collectively make an effort to buy fresh produce, store them correctly to prolong their shelf life, and simply plan ahead when it comes to our meal prep so that we can reduce the amount of plastic packaging that we buy.

5. Remember, after Reduce, there’s Reuse and Recycle!

Reducing is definitely important - though there are certain things that we can’t always avoid. So let’s be mindful about the items that we have at home, reuse and repurpose what we can, and recycle everything else the correct way. Separate waste, check the labels, and do your part. 💚

We hope that you’ve found this helpful and interesting. Be sure to share it with your friends to give them a little push too.

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Happy (and mindful) shopping! 🥰

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