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Great gifts come in the form of reusable cloth nappies

Babies and gifts

It is known that these days the arrival of a little one (or ones!) is met with lots of gifts. There are baby showers, baby arrivals, baptisms, first birthdays – the occasions keep coming. Some might argue that these days there are too many of these occasions however receiving gifts for your little one from family and friends around you is a way of welcoming babies with open arms and showing support to the parents.

The inspiration behind our gift bundles

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta gift bundles present ideasSince launching The Cloth Nappy Company, we’ve been meeting the public at our monthly talks and events we attend. We’ve realised that it’s not only parents and parents-to-be who are interested in reusable cloth nappies but also relatives and friends. A lot of people have been buying our products as gifts. We think this is such a brilliant concept and is the exact reason why we have added gift bundles to our website!

Why cloth nappies?

Modern cloth nappies make perfect gifts for babies for a lot of reasons. First of all, they are healthy for babies as they do not contain harsh chemicals. Secondly, they are novel gifts. Most of the gifts given and received come in the form of clothes that you will only manage to use once or twice before your baby grows out of them. Most cloth nappies are adjustable and can grow with the baby until they are potty trained. Thirdly, the designs of modern cloth nappies are really gorgeous and there’s a lot to choose from. You will find a colour or design to suit every taste.

Will the person I’m giving it to like this gift idea?

The odds are definitely in your favour! The brilliant designs are most likely to capture anyone’s heart as soon as they set eyes on them. In addition, no special equipment or accessories are required to use modern cloth nappies. One cloth nappy is enough to get someone started! 

So whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend – you can give a gift that will make those unavoidable nappy changes a lot more fun! And of course, cheaper! Who wouldn’t love that?!

The gift of sustainability

Disposable nappies are the third largest source of waste in our landfills. Every baby goes through more than 5,000 nappy changes generating over a tonne of plastic waste, which takes over 500 years to decompose!

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta No Planet B RecycleBy choosing to gift our sustainable and reusable products, you might be the catalyst o introducing a new and easy way to live sustainably into a household which will in turn divert hundreds of kilos from going into our landfills.

The best gift you can give little ones is a healthy start and a greener future! So be the change you want to see! After all, there is no planet B!

Give it a go! 

So if you have an occasion coming up that involves finding a great present for a baby – be it a birth, baby shower, baptism or a first birthday party – why don’t you consider one of our gift bundles? You can thank us later! wink

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