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Postpartum Love : Unwrapping Our Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit

When a little one is on the way, it’s so easy to get carried away with the abundance of things we need to buy for the new family member - but between the clothes, nappies, wipes, bedding, blankets, bottles, and muslin cloths… one thing we must definitely not forget is the mummy herself, and getting her the right care for those delicate weeks of postpartum recovery. 

This is where our Postpartum Care Kit comes in - a carefully curated package to provide everything a new mum needs for a comfortable (or at least, as comfortable as possible) recovery! Here’s what you’ll find inside this Care Kit:

Reusable Maternity Pads

Whether following a vaginal or cesarean birth, all new mums experience significant bleeding for several days to weeks following birth, and these reusable pads offer great absorbency while remaining gentle and comforting. Designed to absorb leaks discreetly, these pads are not only eco-friendly but also incredibly soft against sensitive skin. 

Say goodbye to disposable, irritating and wasteful pads and hello to TWO reusable pads by Cheeky Wipes which are included in the pack.

High Waisted Period Pants (Heavy Absorbency)

Ultra absorbent and mega comfortable - these period pants have got you covered (quite literally!)

Two “Nanna'' pants by FemiEko are included in our care kit. They are high waisted to offer gentle compression,  supporting the abdominal area and easing discomfort throughout this delicate recovery period. Designed with heavy absorbency, these pants will provide you with more peace of mind even through heavy bleeding.

Ideal for both vaginal and c-sec recoveries!

Reusable Breast Pads

A definite essential during those leaky weeks! Milk leakage can be quite a pain, whether you’re comfy at home or out and about - so it’s always helpful to have some breast pads ready at hand.

We’ve included 10 reusable bamboo pads by La Petite Ourse in our Care Kit, which will help you keep your clothes dry in a discreet and convenient way! 

Wet Bag

Keep all of the above items stored safely in a beautiful Cheeky Wipes wet bag nearby between washes and keep any dampness and odour at bay, whether you’re at home or on the go in your new busy mama life!

What’s more? Not only are all of these items going to help you through your postpartum recovery, but you can keep using them for many years to come! 

Our reusable pads and period pants will serve you well once your period returns, and the wet bag has so many uses too! And as for the breast pads, you can either keep them if you plan to have another baby in the future, or hand them down to someone else who may need them. 

Taking care of yourself postpartum is not only important - it is ESSENTIAL. This is why we have created this Care Kit - we want all mamas to feel supported (plus, we know what it’s like - we’ve been there!)

Got any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can - we’re always happy to help. 

Wishing you all a safe and pleasant birthing experience, and a smooth postpartum!

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