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Q&A following the Baby Fair

We’re still buzzing following the reception modern cloth nappies got from loads of parents and parents-to-be at the Mother, Baby & Child Fair last month! We got all sorts of questions from those visiting. Below you will find some of the questions we got asked the most.

Are these swim nappies or nappy covers for disposables?

When people approach us and notice the fun and vibrant colours that our cloth nappies come in, they often make an assumption that the products are swim nappies only. This is not the case! Mostly, our products are reusable cloth nappies however we also stock training pants and swim nappies too.

How many nappies do I need?

The quick answer is 15-25 nappies. Head over to our How many nappies? in the Nappy Advice section where you will find more information about this.

What sizes do these nappies come in?

Most of our reusable cloth nappies are One Size, sometimes also referred to as Birth to Potty. These nappies will grow with your baby, from the day they are born to when they are fully potty trained, by means of adjustable poppers and velcro. We also stock newborn nappies, which offer a more snug fit around the baby for the first few weeks and months.

Is it ok to wash poo in the washing machine?

The Cloth Nappy Company Malta Mother Baby & Child Fair 2019Absolutely! Washing machines are made to wash dirt off fabrics. So whether you have sweaty clothes, muddy shoes or pooey nappies, the machine is built to handle it! Head over to our Washing cloth nappies in the Nappy Advice section where you will find an easy step by step guide.When a baby starts eating solids, we recommend using nappy liners, which make it easier to dispose of the solid poo. If you are still not convinced of washing newborn water-soluble poo in your washing machine, don’t worry! You can use nappy liners with newborns as well.

How much does each nappy cost?

Our newborn nappies start from €12.50. One Size nappies range from €14 to €25.88 depending on the brand, nappy style and colour/print.

What is the difference between the brands? How will I know which one is right for me?

Different brands offer different price points due to the fact that each brand offers different nappy styles, materials, prints and colours. We advise that you try at least 3 different nappy types from different brands before going all in on one so that you can see which types you prefer and fit best on your baby. Our sampler bundle is perfect to get going!

Are the materials durable? Will the nappies last me?

Our cloth nappies are manufactured to high standards with top materials and built to last. If you take good care of the nappies when washing and drying, the nappies will easily last you until your baby is potty trained and you will even be able to use them again for a second child.

How often do I need to change the nappy?

Reusable cloth nappies are no different to disposables. You need to do a nappy change if your baby poos or once the nappy is full with pee. Cloth nappies will last you around 3 hours during the day and much longer at night especially if you make sure you choose the right system for night-time.

Will they accept them in childcare?

Reusable cloth nappies are still a relatively new practice in our modern throwaway society. Although some childcare providers might not have come across reusable nappies before, there is no reason for them to not accept it. Be prepared to show them what modern cloth nappies look like and how they work. Some things to consider might include the following:

  • Send the cloth nappies already prepared – with the nappy assembled and the inserts and liners already in place. This will make using cloth nappies very straightforward.
  • Pack nappies that you normally use and know work best on your baby.
  • Ensure you pack enough nappies to last the whole time.
  • Make sure you provide a wet bag for the storage of dirty nappies.
  • You might want to suggest that the childcare provider leaves any solids for you to dispose of at home.

Will they last through the night?

Different styles of nappies lend themselves differently to various times of the day. For nighttime, you need materials that can absorb a large amount of liquid such as bamboo and hemp. Our best nighttime nappies are the TotsBots bamboozle with a waterproof cover and the Charlie Banana pocket nappy with two inserts.

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